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2016 HO Sports Element Kneeboard
2016 HO Sports Element Kneeboard ..
€299,95 €199,95
Ex Tax: €165,25
2016 HO Sports Element LE kneeboard
2016 HO Sports Element LE kneeboard ..
€299,95 €199,95
Ex Tax: €165,25
2016 Jobe Stage Kneeboard
The Stage guarantees an incredible fun and never-boring water sports experience. Its soft and comfor..
€549,95 €489,95
Ex Tax: €404,92
2016 Jobe Streak Kneeboard
The roto molded design of the streak kneeboard offers strength and durability in construction to ens..
Ex Tax: €132,19
2018 Connelly Kick Multi Purpose Kneeboard
This fully equipped multi-purpose soft-top board is a must have for any boat, beach or pool. Surf, s..
€219,95 €179,95
Ex Tax: €148,72
2018 Connelly Mirage Kneeboard
The Mirage was designed to blend a high performance, twin tip shape with a long sidecut radius for a..
€219,95 €179,95
Ex Tax: €148,72
2018 Connelly The Thing Multi Purpose Kneeboard
The Thing is set up to do anything you want behind the boat whether it's on a long rope, short rope,..
€349,95 €279,95
Ex Tax: €231,36
2018 HO Sports Driftwood HybridKneeboard
  Freestyle Cable Kneeboard The Driftwood, formerly known as the Reflex, is the first boa..
€349,95 €279,95
Ex Tax: €231,36
2018 HO Sports Pannolock Strap
Features- Double-locking kneeboard strap- Thick webbing design for maximum durability- Upgrade your ..
€54,95 €44,95
Ex Tax: €37,15
2018 HO Sports Proton Kneeboard
Features- Easy-Up Handle Hook- Surf Inspired Shape- Retractable Fin System- Deep Tracking Channels f..
€219,95 €179,95
Ex Tax: €148,72
2018 Jobe Chipper Multiposition Board with Handle
Chipper means incredible fun and is definitely something Jobe-different. This totally crazy multi-po..
Ex Tax: €206,57
2018 Jobe Sentry Kneeboard
Jobe's completely re-newed shaped Sentry kneeboard with a rotomolded handle hook comes with a 3' sin..
Ex Tax: €156,98
2018 Jobe Sentry Kneeboard Package
Jobe's rotomolded Shock kneeboard features a parabolic twin tip for maximum lift and smooth transiti..
Ex Tax: €223,10
2018 Radar Denunzio Kneeboard
No other board on the water today turns and cuts as easy as the Denunzio. With maximum width through..
€329,95 €264,95
Ex Tax: €218,97
2018 Radar Hawk Kneeboard
A narrowed tip profile and 3.2" swallowtail define the easy edging slalom style Hawk. Removing surfa..
€189,95 €154,95
Ex Tax: €128,06
Ex Tax: €1.486,78
Base Sports Kneeboard Shock Strap
Base Sports Kneeboard Shock Strap..
Ex Tax: €16,49
Jobe Multi Position Board Bag
Pack and go! Our multi-bag is seriously functional. We've designed it in such a way, that it fits th..
Ex Tax: €45,41
Jobe Omnia Multiposition Board
Not enough storage in your boat to fit all your gear or tired to drag your skis in and out every sin..
Ex Tax: €355,33
Jobe Padded Kneeboard Strap
Jobe Padded Kneeboard Strap - 145cm ..
Ex Tax: €8,22
Jobe Stimmel Multiposition Board
The Stimmel is the little brother of the Omnia in a fresh suit. Skip buying unnecessary equipment an..
Ex Tax: €214,83
Since 2009 Roswell Wake-Air has played an integral part in the development of the first Wakesledz pr..
Ex Tax: €247,89

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