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At WakeboardOnline we have a great choice of a-brand wakeboards. We sell among others Ronix, Hyperlite, CWB, Liquid Force, Slingshot and Jobe. We have wakeboards fit for every age, gender and budget. You can filter the collection by brand, type, and gender to make choosing your wakeboard easier. An important choice to make is where you want to use the wakeboard: behind the boat, cable or both. If you're planning on using obstacles like sliders and kickers we recommend a sliderbase and abs-sidewalls to protect your board from damaging to quickly. You can find a size chart for wakeboards here.

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2012 Byerly Assault Wakeboard
Butch has done it again! Pushing the envelope of compression molding and glass technology, Byerly bo..
€329,95 €164,95
Ex Tax: €136,32
2013 Brunotti Propulsion Wakeboard
The ultimate airtrick machine which also rides obstacles like a dream. You want a board with channel..
€499,95 €289,95
Ex Tax: €239,63
2013 Brunotti Rise Wakeboard
The ultimate flex machine which also preforms airtricks like a dream. You want a board with a durabl..
€469,95 €249,95
Ex Tax: €206,57
2013 Hyperlite Shift 136 Wakeboard - NO M6
The Shift series is built out of the original 1080 stomping Marek mold. It is designed to provide a ..
€299,95 €179,95
Ex Tax: €148,72
2014 Byerly AR1 Wakeboard
Aaron Rathy has become a constant force in the sport and his riding style seems to evolve with every..
€489,95 €317,95
Ex Tax: €262,77
2014 Byerly Blunt Wakeboard
After years of development, Byerly Boards is proud to present the Blunt series. Shaped by Scott Bouc..
€449,95 €289,95
Ex Tax: €239,63
2014 Byerly BP Wakeboard
Brenton Priestley (BP) has quickly become one of the most progressive free riders out there. His sty..
€499,95 €309,95
Ex Tax: €256,16
2014 Byerly Jib Wakeboard
When Scott Bouchard and the Byerly team decide to build a new product, they always work to create th..
€529,95 €299,95
Ex Tax: €247,89
2015 Byerly Felix Wakeboard Kids
The Felix was designed to be the perfect choice for any rider that calls a cable park home. Strategi..
€399,95 €279,95
Ex Tax: €231,36
2015 Humanoid Oracle Wakeboard
Ride park or boat. Multi-sectional sidecut offers predictable performance for every type of wak..
€434,95 €304,95
Ex Tax: €252,02
2015 Hyperlite Divine Wakeboard
Mellow Turns with Smooth Lift - Size 119cm A board preferred by beginner/intermediate riders who li..
€239,95 €167,95
Ex Tax: €138,80
2015 Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard
THE ALL NEW ASYMMETRICAL DESIGN! - Sizes 125cm, 130cm, 135cm Creating a women's shape to take their..
€279,95 €195,95
Ex Tax: €161,94
2015 Hyperlite State 2.0 Black Wakeboard
ALL ABILITY LEVELS & STYLES Creating a shape to take riders' skills to the next level was the g..
€279,95 €195,95
Ex Tax: €161,94
2015 Hyperlite Syn Wakeboard
"IT GIRLS" TEAM PROVEN - Sizes 132cm, 137cm The Syn is the shape of choice for the "It Girls" team ..
€319,95 €199,95
Ex Tax: €165,25
2015 Hyperlite Syn Wakeboard BLEM
"IT GIRLS" TEAM PROVEN - Sizes 132cm, 137cm The Syn is the shape of choice for the "It Girls" team ..
€319,95 €179,95
Ex Tax: €148,72
2015 Hyperlite Union Wakeboard
The Union is tested, certified and celebrated by the entire team. Freestyle badboy that will tur..
€499,95 €299,95
Ex Tax: €247,89
2015 Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard
Shaun Murray Inspired Shape - Sizes 131cm, 136cm The Venice sets the tone for a solid Wakeboard fou..
€349,95 €219,95
Ex Tax: €181,78
2015 Liquid Force Fury Grind Wakeboard
“Let them unleash the Fury on the wake!” Some of the best riders in the world today are barely into..
€299,95 €189,95
Ex Tax: €156,98
2015 Liquid Force Super Trip Hybrid Wakeboard
“A versatile do-it-all board!" The SUPER TRIP Hybrid is the board that turned our “King of the Cabl..
€509,95 €299,95
Ex Tax: €247,89
Based on 2 reviews.
2015 Liquid Force Witness Grind Wakeboard
“An explosive yet durable Grind Based board!" A fan favorite and people pleaser… the WITNESS GRIND ..
€349,95 €229,95
Ex Tax: €190,04
2015 Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakeboard
Classic, smooth, progressive freeride arced turns, combined with the stability of a big board, and t..
€499,95 €249,95
Ex Tax: €206,57
2016 Byerly Agenda Wakeboard
The new Agenda was created from the ARI, incorporating the features that made it a top seller. The l..
€399,95 €279,95
Ex Tax: €231,36
2016 Byerly BP Wakeboard
Brenton Priestley brought his creativity into the shaping room designing his BP to be super responsi..
€549,95 €384,95
Ex Tax: €318,14
2016 Byerly Buck Park Wakeboard
The Byerly Team found the Buck had more to offer than just boosting off wakes, lay it up with some f..
€539,95 €379,95
Ex Tax: €314,01
2016 Byerly Buck Wakeboard
The Buck’s Fiberglass Rope construction creates twice the strength of a traditional wakeboard layup ..
€429,95 €259,95
Ex Tax: €214,83
2016 Byerly Felix Wakeboard
The Felix was designed to be the perfect choice for any rider that calls a cable park home. Strategi..
€549,95 €384,95
Ex Tax: €318,14
2016 Humanoid 1Up Wakeboard
The 1up is our only blended 3 stage rocker in the line. Modeled with a big rocker and quad base cha..
€499,95 €294,95
Ex Tax: €243,76
2016 Humanoid Circus Wakeboard
Legendary wakeboarder Randall Harris' first pro model under our line. Shaper Kyle Schmidt spent 18 m..
€569,95 €449,95
Ex Tax: €371,86
2016 Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard
Crossover Wakeboard A leaner profile, new biax layup, and recessed base channels make the Huxtable ..
€369,95 €289,95
Ex Tax: €239,63
2016 Humanoid O'Shea Park Wakeboard
A sharper, more squared off tip & tail make the O’Shea Park feel stable overall but also gives i..
€479,95 €319,95
Ex Tax: €264,42
2016 Humanoid O'Shea Pro Wakeboard
€499,95 €339,95
Ex Tax: €280,95
2016 Humanoid Oracle Wakeboard
The 2016 Humanoid Oracle is versatile, friendly, and smart. It's also cryogenically frozen and tasty..
€419,95 €299,95
Ex Tax: €247,89

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